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Formation COBIT - Foundation

Stage pratique
100% à distance
Durée : 24 heures
Réf : YCF
Prix  2020 : 890 € H.T.
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This eLearning in IT Governance Foundation is an AMPG officially accredited course, which can be used to study for and pass the COBIT® 5 Foundation exam. COBIT® 5 provides a comprehensive framework that assists enterprises create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits and optimizing risk levels and resource use. COBIT®5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise, taking in the full end-to-end business and IT functional areas of responsibility, considering the IT-related interests of internal and external stakeholders. COBIT®5 has been found highly useful for organizations to help them achieve strategic goals through effective and innovative use of IT; while managing risks and costs at an acceptable level and Support compliance. The eLearning CBT consists of easy-to-follow modules covering the terminology, structure, concepts and value of COBIT® 5 and preparation for the COBIT® 5 exam. Students who complete this Computer Based course, along with some self study, shall be suitably prepared to take the associated COBIT® 5 Foundation exam. Along with this course, the COBIT® 5 Foundation certificate is a requirement for additional COBIT® 5 training, including the COBIT® 5 Implementation Course and Assessor Program.

Objectifs pédagogiques

  • The major drivers for the development of a Framework
  • The business benefits of using COBIT® 5
  • The COBIT® 5 Product Architecture.
  • The IT management issues and challenges that affect enterprises. The 5 Key Principles of COBIT® 5 for the governance and management of Enterprise IT
  • How COBIT® 5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise.
  • The key concepts in a Process Capability Assessment and the key attributes of the COBIT® 5 PAM (Process Assessment Model)
  • How the COBIT® 5 processes and the Process Reference Model (PRM) help guide the creation of the 5 Principles and the 7 Governance and Management Enablers. The COBIT® 5 Foundation certificate is to confirm that a candidate has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the COBIT® 5 guidance to: - Be able to understand the enterprise Governance and Management of Enterprise IT - Create awareness with their business executives and senior IT Management - Assess the current state of their Enterprise IT with the objective of scoping the aspects of COBIT® 5, which would be appropriate to implement.


COBIT® 5 Foundation



    • Purpose
    • High Level Learning Outcomes


    • The Reasons for the Development of COBIT® 5
    • The History of COBIT®
    • The Drivers for developing a Framework
    • The Benefits of using COBIT® 5
    • The COBIT® 5 Format & product Architecture
    • COBIT® 5 and Other Frameworks

    The COBIT® 5 principles

    • Topic 1: Enabler Focus
    • Topic 2: Control Objectives to Management Practices
    • Topic 3: From COBIT® 4.1
    • Management Guidelines to COBIT® 5: Enabling Processes Guidelines

    The COBIT® 5 enablers

    • Enabler 1 – Principles, Policies and frameworks
    • Enabler 2 – Processes
    • Enabler 3 – Organizational Structures
    • Enabler 4 – Culture, Ethics, and behavior
    • Enabler 5 – Information
    • Enabler 6 – Services, Infrastructure and Applications
    • Enabler 7 – People, Skills and Competencies
    • Walk Through on using Goals cascade to scope Processes

    Introduction to COBIT® 5 implementation

    • The Life cycle Approach
    • Inter related components of the life cycle
    • Understanding the enterprise internal and external factors
    • Key success factors for implementation
    • The seven phases of the Life Cycle model explained
    • The seven Change Enablement characteristics used in the life cycle.
    • Change Enablement relationships to the Continual Improvement Life Cycle
    • Making the Business case
    • The differences between COBIT® 4.1 and COBIT® 5

    Process capability assessment model

    • What is a process assessment
    • What is the COBIT® Assessment Programme
    • The differences between a capability and maturity assessment
    • Differences to the COBIT® 4.1 CMM
    • Overview of the COBIT® Capability Model & Assessments
    • The Process Reference Model (PRM)
    • The Process Assessment Model (PAM)
    • The Measurement Framework
    • Introduction to the Assessor Training Steps


    • Sample Exam for learning check


      Participants / Prérequis

      » Participants

      COBIT®5 is ideal for assurance, security, risk, privacy and compliance professionals or business leaders and stakeholders who are involved in or affected by governance and management of information and information systems. Typical Target audience includes Business Management, IT/IS Auditors, Internal Auditors, Information Security and IT Practitioners; Consultants, IT/IS Management looking to gain an insight into the Enterprise Governance of IT and looking to be certified as a COBIT® Implementer

      » Prérequis

      No mandatory prerequisites although experience in IT or related fields is recommended. Some knowledge of Service Management and Information Security concepts shall be helpful.
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